Canada winners

2017 Salon of the Year - Canada

At the end of each year, a Regal Nails salon deserving of the title ‘Salon of the Year’ is chosen in both the United States and Canada.

Store #1057 in Vaudreuil, QC was selected as Canada’s 2017 recipient for their truly superior and outstanding work. On behalf of all of us at Regal Nails, Congratulations!

Franchisee, Van Thanh, was presented with the title at our annual Canadian Summit in March and pictured receiving the plaque is his wife, Mary Kieu Nguyen. We took a moment to chat with Van on just what it means to have his salon chosen.

How did it feel to be named 2017’s Regal Nails Salon of the Year in Canada? We were very happy and thankful to have won Salon of the Year.

What made you want to open a nail salon? We love the contact with customers and wanted to learn more about the experience in beauty care, especially with nails.

When did your salon open? Our salon opened in 2007

What is your favorite thing about owning a nail salon? We are very happy and satisfied to collaborate with Regal Nails and we discovered great and fresh ideas from the CEO, Charlie Quy Ton.

What do you think it is about your salon that makes customers want to stop in or come back? We make sanitation and safety for customers our priority and we think that our designs are very nice. Furthermore, we use ANS liners to reduce the risk of bacterial and cross-contamination. By doing so, we make sure to give each customer a clean and safe pedicure during every visit.

Any advice for other salon owners or those looking to open a salon? It is important to always give great customer service. The customer should be the main priority. It is also important to keep the salon clean and up to date with appropriate decoration.