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Why Choose a Franchise?

So you’re thinking about opening a nail salon, but you’re not sure if franchising is the right option for you?

While doing all the work yourself is a definitely a possibility, we’d like to point out a few reasons why joining a franchise, such as Regal Nails, Salon & Spa, LLC could be a better fit for you and your future salon.

1. Strength in branding

Choosing to open your salon through a franchise helps give you the security of being part of a recognizable brand. Customers like to feel comfortable when they are going to a salon and will often choose a name that they know and love over a business that they’ve never heard of.

Regal Nails was formed in 1997 and has grown to open over 900 salons over the past two decades. In that time, a strong brand has been formed. While it is possible to open your own salon, why not open a salon that has a brand and reputation to back it up?

2. No headache

Opening a nail salon is hard work. By choosing to open a franchise, it helps save you the headache of trying to figure everything out yourself. A franchise company has already worked out all the ins and out of opening and managing a successful business. Regal is here to help you figure things out from start to finish. All you have to do it open its doors!

3. We’ve got your back

Once you’ve opened your salon, the help doesn’t end there. While it is up to you to make your business thrive, with Regal, you will always have full team of support behind you who are there to help. From choosing a prime location to building your salon to helping you market and advertise, we have got you covered.

4. Training

Here at Regal, we love to see our franchisees grow. All of our franchisees are provided the opportunity to attend one of our monthly summits. The purpose of these 3-day training seminars is to help them learn valuable information about how to grow their client base through superb customer service, learning new nail industry techniques and how to market their business and create a social media following. The more you learn, the further you can grow your salon and we love being able to provide our franchisees with tools to succeed!

With these key factors in mind, what are you waiting for? Our regional directors are available to speak with you and answer all of your questions and concerns. Join our Regal family today!