Tips to Engage Your Community

Social media is the largest and most affordable platform to market your business. Most social media accounts are free to create and inexpensive to advertise.

The Regal Nails marketing team is here to assist our franchisees in developing a social media presence.

Here are a few other tips than can be helpful to draw in more customers:

  • Cross Promoting

Have you considered connecting with local businesses in your area? Beauty and fashion complement one another, consider reaching out to locally owned hair salons or clothing boutiques to cross promote. Ask the managers or business owners if they could display a few of your flyers, brochures, or business cards inside their hair salons or boutiques. In exchange, offer to display some of their advertising materials inside your nail salon.

  • Mailers

Mailers can also be used to draw in more customers. If you choose to use mailers, you should first choose your target audience. The United States Postal service provides an advertising service called Every Door Direct Mail®. This service allows you to map your target audience by age, income, household size, and zip code. By mapping your target audience, you may get a better and more effective response.

  • Special Discounts

Consider offering a standard discount to students, senior citizens and first responders. Offering these types of discounts can draw in more customers and help your business develop relationships with the community.

We hope the optional information provided has been helpful to our franchisees.

If you need assistance in creating content for ads or mailers, feel free to reach out to the Regal marketing team through email or phone.