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Meet Our New Hires

There are some new faces at the Regal Nails, Salon & Spa, LLC corporate office. With a new marketing team and a summer intern, we wanted to take a minute to introduce our newest employees!

Kiri Meche

Marketing coordinator Kiri Meche, 22, comes into the position with a keen interest for both the strategic and creative aspects of marketing.

Born and raised in Arnaudville, Louisiana, Meche went on to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to receive her degree in public relations with a minor in business management. She graduated in the spring of 2017. While Meche says Lafayette is home to her, she recently moved to Baton Rouge and is very excited about her new position.

“When I started studying public relations, I got an internship at BBR Creative, an advertising agency in Lafayette. That’s when I knew that I wanted to work with a brand, or many brands,” Meche explains. “I love how when working with a brand, you have to be effective and think strategically, but can still be creative.”

While Meche majored in public relations, she also has a background in design, so the creative part of the marketing coordinator position really appealed to her.

“So far, the position has been great. I’ve designed brochures, created social media posts, and am working to reconfigure the Regal website,” Meche says. “Every day has been something new and I love that!”

Megan Herr

Marketing coordinator Megan Herr, 26, has a passion for communications and loves anything that involves creativity.

Born and raised in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Herr moved to Louisiana in 2016 and is very excited about this new opportunity in marketing.

With a background in writing, Herr graduated from Penn State University in 2013 with a degree in print journalism and a minor in art history. Upon graduation, she went on to be a reporter for The Record Herald newspaper in Waynesboro for two years before moving to Baton Rouge. She currently writes freelance for 225, inRegister, and Baton Rouge Business Report magazines on the side.

“While my passion lies in writing, I had been looking to branch out in the communications field and try something new. I love anything that challenges me and I truly enjoy working with other people to help communicate the message that they are trying to portray. That is what excites me most about this position. I get to meet and work with franchisees to create marketing ads or social media posts to help grow their customer base and business,” says Herr. “I also enjoy creating the content for the website and blog.”

Victoria Pham

Summer intern Victoria Pham, 20, is an upcoming junior at Louisiana State University studying chemical engineering.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pham says she took the internship to help broaden her insight of possibilities for jobs after graduation. She chose to major in chemical engineering based on results from an aptitude test but has grown to really like it.

“Mr. Charlie also went through college with a chemical engineering degree. This internship helps me to have another perspective on where chemical engineering can take me,” says Pham, who adds that her current goal is working for a paint or pharmaceutical company one day.

Her favorite part of the internship with Regal is working with the nail polish colors for the DreaMau machine.

“It’s so fun getting to match the colors. It’s almost the perfect mix of my art hobby with a little bit of engineering,” Pham says. “Every day, I get to mess with lip or nail colors and be a very small part of the DreaMau process. I try to see if DreaMau can match some of the popular colors on the market and find its color components to find its corresponding code. I find it really fun.”

Pham will be interning until the end of summer.