Gel vs. Dip Powder

Time for that big party you’ve been anticipating for the past few weeks!

You already have your outfit picked out. You know what style you want for your hair, and your nail appointment is set for 3 p.m. at a Regal Nails® salon.

On the way to the nail salon, you’re struggling to decide how you want your nails done. You’ve tried acrylic before, but now you’re considering gel. And what’s this dip powder you’ve heard about?

Here’s a quick look at gel and dip powder manicures:

Gel Manicures

Gel manicures will leave your nails with a gorgeous shine. The average gel manicure will last about two weeks. After your nails are polished, your nails will cure under a UV light. This curing will dry and seal the polish.

A gel manicure is typically cheaper than a dip powder set but cost more than acrylic. The gel finish is more flexible than traditional acrylic or dip powder and is easy to remove.

Dip Powder Manicures

Dip powder is typically heavier than gel and involves dipping your nails into a pigmented powder. A dip powder manicure can last about a month and is easy to remove.  With dip powder, there are no UV lights. Your nails will also dry instantly.

A dip powder manicure is typically more expensive than a gel set.

Dip powder manicures last longer and are less likely to chip. Dip powder is also easy to remove.

Ask your local Regal Nails® salon if they offer these services. Most Regal Nails® salons are independently owned and operated; services, prices and promotions will vary by location.