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Color Trends for Summer Nails

Sweet summertime is nearly upon us and that means now is the time to get a bit more bold and creative with your nail color choice.

Maybe you’ve been playing it safe with tasteful nudes or classic all-black, but Summer is the perfect time to try out that funky neon shade you’ve been eyeing all year or even go with all glitter.

If you’re debating what exciting color choice to make this season, look no further. Here are just a few of the endless options to choose from:

Bright colors

If there is ever a season to experiment with fun, vibrant colors like neon green or bright coral, it’s summer. These are the colors that people typically shy away from during the other seasons, but when summer comes around, it’s on! Why not go for sunshine yellow or fuchsia nails this time? One thing’s for sure... your nails are going to stand out from the crowd!

Pastel colors

Maybe the bright summer shades are really just not your thing? That’s OK... you can still choose a seasonal color choice in a much more toned-down hue. Take pink for example: instead of getting the hot pink version, go for more of “cotton candy from the carnival” pastel shade.

Patriotic nails

Grilling out, enjoying the sun, celebrating on Independence or Canada Day…. there is just something about summertime that makes you feel even more patriotic. So why not express it through your nails? Get a cool flag design or even just the colors of your country.

Metallic nails

Metallic colors are just simply fun. They’re bold. They catch the eye. And they are a great choice for summertime.

All glitter everything

Maybe you’re like me and feel like glitter is a year-round staple but if you’re a little shyer when it comes to sparkle, now is the time to break it out! There is just something about glitter overload that screams, “It’s summertime and I’m here to have fun!”